Facials Aftercare

To maintain the fresh, clean, hydrated feel of your facial please ensure you do the following:

•maintain the skin routine recommended by your skin therapist after your facial

ensure you have the correct cleanser, moisturizer, serum & sun protection for your skin type and lifestyle

•if you received a microdermabrasion facial, do not exfoliate for another 14 days

•if you received a peel the same applies

•if you have had filler or botox it is safe for you to have a facial after 2 weeks of this treatment

your skin will replenish within 2 weeks and by the 4 week mark you are ready for another facial

•if you break out, please remember it is not the facial that caused it, it can be a myriad of reasons. A break out starts weeks before you ever see it on your skin, so if you are breaking out, it means that your skin is doing what is was going to do because that underlying problem was sitting there waiting to surface. This is another reason why we do not do extractions because it can lead to breakouts if it not done under sanitary conditions

Spray Tan Aftercare

•Your gorgeous spray tan has only just begun to work when you leave us, please give it at least 2 hours to develop

•We only use Ella Bache spray tan which is developed for Aussies right here is Australia!

•Spray tan is a dye and we are literally staining your skin and skin rejuvenates so in order to extend your tan you need to understand how to care for you skin while you are caring for your tan

•On your first shower ensure the water is warm but not hot, do not take a too long shower and pat your skin dry

•Keep your skin hydrated

•On the 2nd shower, again use warm water not hot water, and the same rules apply as the day before

•The rest of the week and the following week, do not shave as it will remove your tan, if you really have to then be gentle

ensure you follow with the Great Tan without sun to extend the life of your tan

•By the end of week 2, you will be ready for your next spray tan appointment, click here to make your spray tan reservation

•Before your next appointment exfoliate your body from top to toe

•Do not shave, if you need to wax, do it prior to the spray tan booking, a wax will act as a natural exfoliant and allow for a smoother tan

•If you need to shave do it the day before

•Do not come to your booking with any moisturizer on at all and its best to have a shower just before your spray tan for best results

•No deodorant on the day of your spray tan

•No brow tinting on the day of your spray tan, it may turn green

•Ensure your hair is clean and bring a hairband with you to tie your hair up

•Wear loose clothing , preferably black, you will not wear a bra when you leave so ensure your clothing is suitable for this

•Please wear slip on shoes or flip flops

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